Why Use A Consultant

Reputable Consultants You Can Trust

Many questions arise when starting a construction project. Who should I use? How long have they been in business? Is this the company’s specialty or just one crew?

It seems that the era of knowing your contractor is coming to the end. With the change in the market, many old construction companies have gone out of business with new ones showing up all of the time. How can we know if we are getting bids from a reputable contractor or a fly by night storm chaser that will disappear with your down payment?

The answer is simple; involve an unbiased third party who is familiar with the industry and local contractors.

Hiring a consultant to manage your construction project has several benefits, and in the end can end up saving you money, time and heartache. Having an advocate on your side to help with your contractor, insurance company and manage expectations with homeowners in your townhome complex can be invaluable.

Complete Building Solutions also provides the following:

  • Inspecting properties to identify areas of concern
  • In cases of construction defect, provide a report and recommend a path of remediation
  • Writing a scope of work to help streamline bidding
  • Ensure all safety guidelines have been met during a project
  • Gather and review bids from reputable contractors
  • Recommend a bid and work with contractor on scheduling large projects
  • Ongoing inspection of work during and after the project
  • Final inspection and report of project

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