Ice Dam Prevention

Reduce Energy Cost By Mitigating Your Ice Dam

Complete Building Solutions is the premier firm in the Twin Cities when dealing with the most dreaded issue for homeowners; Ice Dams. Ice Dams, stemming from heat loss, can create several severe problems in any building. Problems can include; leaks, condensation, destruction of building materials, dangerous mold and rot.

“This is definitely an area of expertise for us.” – Rob Vassallo, Principle, CBS. For the past four decades, Rob has spent much of his time and energy battling this massive issue in the Midwest and developing a system to remedy it in any building situation.

Complete Building Solutions can help remedy this issue by:

  1. Investigating your attic to assessing the insulation and ventilation 
  2. Recommend a corrective scope of work that fits the needs of your specific building type.
  3. Work with vendors to complete the scope of work.

Since inception, Complete Building Solutions has helped hundreds of homeowners deal with their ice dams using industry leading products and vendors to stop heat loss in attics. These homeowners have been able to mitigate ice dams and reduce their energy costs by using the system created by Complete Building Solutions.

Complete Building Solutions has an Ice Dam Assessment to help you get started. Call us today and ask how we can help you save energy and mitigate ice dams.

Causes of Ice Dams and Remediation

Ice Dams are most commonly caused by premature heat loss escaping the living space of your home and warming up the attic. This leads to snow/ice melting at the roof deck and refreezing - creating an ice dam. Ice dams hold water on your roof and will eventually work water up the slope of your roof, potentially causing leaks.

Several factors in your attic space can be attributed to the formation of ice dams:

  • Unsealed bypass or penetrations from your living space into the attic. (Plumbing, electric, heat ducts, etc.)
  • Low levels of insulation
  • Attic access hatch not properly insulated
  • Improper ventilation (intake and/or exhaust)
  • Can lights, speakers, ceiling fans
  • Lack of space to insulate

The remedy for ice dams is a twofold process. First, you must stop all heat loss at the ceiling. All bypasses must be identified and sealed. Using a thermal camera is vital in finding all anomalies in your attic space. Second, you must achieve proper ventilation; intake and exhaust. This is essential in keeping you roof deck at a temperature close to the outdoor temperature. If you can accomplish this balanced approach you can add life to your roof and protect your home from unnecessary water damage and lower your energy bills!

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