Harvest Hills Townhomes / Plymouth, MN



Known Issues:

Complete Building Solutions was hired by the complex to inspect several units and complete our Ice Dam Assessment to discover the root cause of their ice dam issues. The complex had suffered damage throughout the past two winters due to ice dams in several units.


Complete Building Solutions inspected several units in the spring of 2011, discovering the root causes of ice dams on the complex. Several anomalies were found in the attic including a lack of proper insulation and ventilation throughout the complex. Complete Building Solutions created a scope of repair, obtained bids and educated the homeowners in the complex by speaking at their annual meeting. Complete Building Solutions was then contracted to manage the project with the contractor chosen by the Board of Directors.


Complete Buildings Solutions worked with the contractor to re-insulate and ventilate the entire complex. During the project each attic was inspected and pictures were taken to show what was found inside the attics. Several anomalies were found and corrected. Some of these anomalies were found to be fire hazards, some led to mold in the attics and some were large areas allowing heated and air conditioned air directly into the attic space. Before and after blower door tests were completed on two units. Before the project each unit was near 1400 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), after the project both units ended up near 900 CFM of air leakage. This is a very significant increase in energy efficiency and this entire 160 unit complex will save energy for years to come.

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