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Several defects can occur during or after construction of a home.  Finding and remediating defects is an important step to ensuring the longevity of your home or complex and ensure building materials last their full life to match the estimates in your reserve study.  Here are a few things you may notice in your property and common defects that may be producing the symptoms.

Ice Dams

Do you have Ice Dams forming on your roof, leaking or staining on your ceiling after a snowfall?  These issues stem from a large assortment of construction defects in the attic space including an unsealed bypass, improper ventilation and/or a lack of insulation.

Leaky or Eroding Foundations

Ground erosion and negative grades that run water towards your building can cause long-term issues.  Common issues include structural deterioration of your foundation and leaking in underground garages.  Proper landscaping, compaction and grade are necessary for the long-term health of your building. Water should always be led away from the foundation of any building. 

Missing or curled Shingles

Improper installation of shingles can lead to premature deterioration.  Often improperly seated nails or heat loss/moisture in an attic can cause these shingle issues.  If you notice shingles falling off your roof or if you can see nail heads from the ground or shingles curling you may have the need for a roof inspection to verify improper installation

Wavy or missing Siding

If you are noticing waves through your siding or seeing pieces of vinyl siding that look loose there is likely defect in your siding installation.  Improper nailing or installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications can lead to failing siding.  Proper installation of siding is necessary not only to enhance the esthetic appeal of your complex, but to ensure the siding lasts for its full life.

Cracked or heaving driveways and sidewalks

One of the most common defects found in the midwest is frost heaving.  This may be noticed with driveway aprons rising when the ground freezes.  You may also notice building materials near your driveway (or other concrete aprons) clash or crush such as brick or metal around your garage door.  This defect often occurs from lack of soil compaction, improperly backfilled soils or poor building material used during construction.  Remediating this issue is important to ensure the long term integrity of your home.  It may also indicate improper water distribution (see leaky or eroding foundations above).

Cracked Brick

Abnormal cracks in brick, broken stone or brick facades and efflorescence (Salt visible on exterior of brick) can be signs of construction defect.  The water management system may have been installed incorrectly, no water management system may be installed or your brick system may not be waterproofed correctly.  It is important to have these things inspected before having tuck-pointing work done on your complex.  If the root cause of the defect is not addressed long term issues may arise.

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