Construction Engineering Consultants

Foresight always beats hindsight.

Complete Building Solutions is an engineering and consulting service that plans and oversees projects with foresight that covers every angle in residential and commercial construction. Our engineers leave no room for error, preventing any future problems, from flooded basements to ice dams.

We continuously stay in front of the building technology curve, while we apply our classic building “old school craft” skills to every project.

We’ll maximize your home, multiple dwelling or building project’s quality standards and budget by planning and managing any phase or the entire process. CBS makes your upgrade or construction efficient, thorough and problem free – and with lasting quality that saves money long term.

You need a structural engineer advocate.

Unless you’re licensed in every facet of construction, you need a third party construction engineering service to take the reign. Times are changing and a lot of traditional quality construction companies have disappeared while upstarts are filling the void.

How can you tell if they’re cutting corners, avoiding state and international building code requirements, exceeding manufacturer specifications, using less reliable materials, even lacking in specialized construction expertise?

We’ll be your watchdog, increasing quality, saving costs and assuring long lasting solutions. Our engineering assessments and construction oversight can prevent flooding, ice damage and more. We’ll also conduct damage assessments and oversee reparation, such as hail damage and shingle damage. We even work with the shingle manufacturer to help reclaim your original costs.

Minnesota's premier service.

We’ll improve any and every construction phase, from assessment to plan to complete management

Just call for a quick inspection of your project or problem. We’ll give you a thorough written assessment. We’ll continue with recommendations, a plan, even on-site management of the entire project. And we’ll keep you appraised every step of the way.


Ice Dams - We prevent them

Ice dams cost buildings thousands of dollars, from yearly removal to damages. Our team can remove the roof ice dam, but you’ll save a lot more when we engineer and oversee the permanent removal of the cause. The cause varies by dwelling, and don’t let anyone tell you more insulation is the answer. Just call and we’ll identify the problem and solution.

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